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Dr. Joel Marc Filmore

Living your truth is often more difficult than living a lie...

~Dr. Filmore~



Dr. Filmore was born in 1970, in Chicago, Illinois, to a biracial couple; his mother was German/Norwegian and his father was African-American. When he was three years old his mother was murdered by his step-father; he and his older brother went to live with their maternal aunt in Bay City, Michigan where he experienced sexual, physical, and emotional trauma for the next three years.


He moved to his maternal Grandmother's house, in a small, rural farm community, in Michigan in a city called Pinconning (pop. 1300). The physical, verbal, and emotional abuse continued at the hands of his step-grandfather, a violent, racist, alcoholic, and only ended at his death when Dr. Filmore was 16 years old. The sexual abuse continued throughout his childhood and, as a result of his harmful experiences, he found himself the victim of sexual abuse throughout his life.


As you can imagine, Dr. Filmore was exactly the kind of adolescent you would expect, the kind of adolescent he was turned in to due to the violence and neglect enacted against him...he started drinking at the age of 10, to cope with the abuses. While the torment and violence he experienced at the hands of his family and his community continued (he was constantly threatened with death by random people within the town of Pinconning for the simple crime of existing while Black), a few short years later his sexual orientation became apparent, and that's when the abuse escalated.