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About Us

Our Practice

We Treat the Whole Person. Your life, experiences, and relationships are intricate and unique.

At Lighthouse Professional Counseling Center, our clinicians work collaboratively to provide individuals, couples, and families tailored counseling and therapy that impacts each aspect of their lives.


  • We believe that the family is the singular, most significant factor influencing human identity. 

  • We understand that your family may take diverse forms, and is not limited by the boundaries of biology, intentionality, or law.

  • Our staff works collaboratively with individuals and their loved ones to provide deeper, integrative and effective care.

  • We take your specific issues and relationships into account when approaching your care, ensuring a safe, supportive environment.


Lighthouse Professional Counseling Center is a comprehensive counseling center providing a wide range of counseling services to the DeKalb/Sycamore area, as well as downtown Chicago. With a dedicated, knowledgeable team of Licensed Counselors (LCPCs/ LPCs), as well as other experts, our team provides compassionate care, and professional assessments for many varying situations.


At LPCC we pride ourselves on being the only teaching clinic around. What does it mean to be a 'teaching' clinic? As a teaching clinic, we provide a learning environment for new clinicians and counselors-in-training (masters counseling students). Much like a teaching hospital, we work with graduate students, and their university programs, to help develop the best counselors of the future. All of our new clinicians and counselors-in-training are supervised by highly qualified, and experienced, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPCs).


From individual treatments for depression and anxiety to group therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and marriage counseling to mental health assessments, medication management, and more. Lighthouse Professional Counseling Center is a highly adapted, contemporary, and trusted mental health and wellness center. We utilize the most current evidence-based therapies in order to assist our clients in achieving their goals.


With experienced, knowledgeable care guided by qualified assessments and proven treatment methods, each client receives mental health education, resources and healing that is specialized for their situation. By better understanding each person’s, family’s, or group’s struggles, our counselors are able to provide a measurable, organized plan for improvement, both short-term and long-term.


Learn more about treatment options available and therapy services for addiction, depression, anxiety, family counseling, mental health assessments and more.  Schedule an appointment with a professional today and start seeing changes.​